motion graphics reel Shotlist:
1. Title card
2. School of Motion assignment "Johnny Dreidle" (animation)
3. School of Motion assignment "Be The Ice Sculptor" (animation)
4. School of Motion assignment "Step Three" (animation)
5. School of Motion assignment "Pong Challenge" (animation)
6. "Inner Strength" for Panimation (design & animation)
7. "After" Title Design for Bram Draper (design & animation)
8. "What is an FNP?" for Chamberlain University and Andy Ramsey (animation)
9. Organization Video for Center for The Collaborative Classroom (design & animation) with roberta Morris & Neal Davis
10. Life 360 logo transition for The Creative Group & Life 360 (animation)
11. School of Motion assignment "Ministry of Eye Control" (animation)
12. School of Motion assignment "Circle Society" (animation)
13. End Title, website url and email

Frame by frame animation reel Shotlist: 
1. Title card
2. logo
3. "skull" painting on glass
4. "women's Day" (design & animation)
5. "Inside" rotoscope (design & animation)
6.- 8. "Solace", written and directed by Aaliyah Bilal (design & animation)
9.- 11. "By The Sea", music video for Yea-Ming and The Rumors (design & animation) with sneakout studios
12. "Going It Alone" written by Brent Rose (design & animation) with sneakout studios
13.- 15. "Solace", written and directed by Aaliyah Bilal (design & animation)
16. "Inside" rotoscope (design & animation)
17. End Titles
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