With a focus on design and production, I create short form 2d animation. I believe that each piece deserves its own stylistic approach. Always striving to create imagery that helps the audience feel a deeper connection to the subject, story, organization or message, I worship the creative process, team work, and real diversity in perspective.
Producer Corinne Colgan says "I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Rebecca Silvers on several videos for Digital Promise. Each time, the final product comes out better than I could have imagined. Rebecca asks the right questions to understand the goals of the project, works quickly and efficiently with thoughtful responses to notes, and makes truly beautiful artwork…"
Clients include IMDb.com, Placeworks, Sneakout Studios, Center for the Collaborative Classroom, Cloud Foundry, Free Range Studios, The Distillery, The Creative Group, The Clock Factory, KQED, McGraw-Hill, Penguin Books, Fuller Foods
email:​​​​​​​ beccasilvers1@gmail.com
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